The rare beauty of Colombian Emeralds

Discovery Vein
Each new discovery of a vein of emerald crystals, running like a river through the rocks , is the start of a new adventure. The miners will follow the vein as deep and as far as human endurance and technology allows. As easily accessible deposits are rare these days, the miners need to be tough to endure harsh working conditions, with temperatures of 35 degrees, dusty, noisy and confined at a depth of up to 1500m below the surface

Extraction pic Extraction
An intensely green emerald crystal forms from a delicate balance of conditions, the right temperature and pressure, the right minerals, enough pyrite to absorb the iron in the water and not so much calcium that the colour is diminished. The surrounding rock may be a soft sedimentary clay or a hard cement-like clay depending on the mine. Hand tools are the preferred method of removal, to avoid damaging the precious crystals

Refinement Grinder
The responsibility of the cutter is to reveal the beauty of the crystal by cutting it into stones of different shapes and sizes and then applying facets to make the light reflect correctly from the exterior and interior surfaces of the gems. Unlike diamonds, emeralds are not often perfectly symmetrical. The colour may also very throughout the gem and there will always be inclusions which create the interior 'garden' of the stone, part of its magic and charm

Fingers Certification
After cutting, emeralds are treated with cedar oil, a clear liquid which fills any fissures that reach to the outer surface. The gems are then certified according to size, weight, origin, transparency and any enhancement that has taken place

Setting Setting pic
As each emerald is unique, so too should its setting be. The best pieces combine inspiration and artistry, also drawing on the expert advice of the jeweller to show off the full beauty of the emerald. We won't be happy until the customer has settled upon a design that they will truly love and cherish.

Valuation pic Valuation
The final step is for the customer to commission an after sale UK insurance valuation, giving them total security and confidence in the finished product.

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